5 tips for maximum solar panel efficiency

5 tips for maximum solar panel efficiency


It is still worth your while to invest in solar panels these days. This source of green energy offers independence to consumers, and is also becoming cheaper to buy every year. Discover our tips for increasing solar panel efficiency to get the most out of your solar panels.

1. Check your roof before installing solar panels

First and foremost, it is vital to thoroughly check your roof. Have the roof structure inspected by a construction professional for extra peace of mind. For example, they can determine whether your roof has the right roof covering, or if it needs to be replaced before the solar panels are installed. They can also check whether your roof is suitable for mounting solar panels.

2. Choose the right roof covering

Not every type of roof covering is suitable for solar panels but if you choose a bitumen roof membrane, you can't go wrong. This material ensures additional security if two layers are applied, and it has a very long service life. Flagon TPO is also highly suitable as a roof covering for solar panels. If you use this material, you can count on a service life of 25 to 30 years; ideal because you want a roof covering that outweighs the life expectancy of the solar panels.

In addition, both materials are available with a white finish on the top side, as is the case for, e.g. Sopralene Optima Ultra Reflect and FLAGON TPO ENERGY +. These products will significantly increase solar panel efficiency, ensuring optimal performance. Solar panels  perform best at temperatures between 20°C and 25°C. On a hot sunny day, the panel’s power will actually start to go down once it reaches temperatures of above 25°C. A white substrate therefore can help to generate the ideal temperature on your roof surface.

3. Take the orientation of your solar panels into account

Naturally, your solar panels will capture the most sun if your roof is south-facing. Nonetheless, solar panels are still worthwhile if your roof has a different orientation Solar panels facing 30° to the west or east still work effectively. Check the building plans of your house, and if possible, choose a western rather than eastern orientation for your solar panels.

4. Ensure optimal performance

30 to 35° is the optimal roof pitch if you are planning to install solar panels. In principle, you can use all roof pitches between 15 and 50°, but they won't be as efficient. Bear in mind too that the roof pitch will determine the way in which the solar panels are attached.

5. Avoid shadowing

Are your solar panels in the shade of trees or a chimney? Then of course they will not be as efficient. With technical solutions such as micro-inverters or optimisers, it is possible to limit the impact of shade on your installation.

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