A long life span for your flat roof? What you need to take into account!

A long life span for your flat roof? What you need to take into account!


A new roof is a significant investment on a new build or refurbishment project, so naturally it’s important that the roof lasts for as long as possible. Fortunately, it’s possible to maximise the life span by ensuring a high-quality construction of your roof, using the right roof covering and correct maintenance.

It depends on the material

How long the roof will last depends on various factors. At any event, one crucial element is the type of material that you choose for your roof covering and ultimately the right waterproofing system.

Bituminous membranes boast exceptional performance in terms of strength, reliability and service life, for instance. Bituminous waterproofing systems can last several decades but each system differs depending what it is comprised of. For example, Sopralene Optima premium capsheets are known for their exceptional durability and high puncture resistance. The top layer is crucial for a durable roof, but it all depends on a complete, high-performance waterproofing system: primer, vapour barrier, insulation, underlay, capsheet, etc.  

Have your roof installed by a professional

In addition, the quality - and therefore the life span - of your roof also depends on the installation. Make sure that you always entrust the job to an experienced expert. A professional has the necessary knowledge and skills to apply all the materials and techniques correctly. It is also essential that he or she sufficiently ensures that all details on the roof are correctly waterproofed.

At SOPREMA, all our waterproofing systems are installed by Approved Contractors who have received training and guidance by SOPREMA’s technical team. By specifying SOPREMA’s waterproofing systems, this allows contractors to offer a single point warranty to the end user for complete peace of mind.

Extend the life span of your flat roof with a green roof

Not only is a green roof beneficial to the environment, can reduce energy costs and aesthetically pleasing, it is also the perfect protective layer for your roof.

Water generally rushes over hard, flat rooftops, however installing a green roof means that storm water is far less likely to rush off the side of the roof, thus reducing the storm water run-off. As well as reducing energy costs for your clients with natural forms of insulation, green roofs can reduce the need for expensive drainage systems, as they naturally absorb a lot of rainwater.

SOPREMA green roof systems, can be installed on all SOPREMA roofing and waterproofing systems an in some cases can offer a longer warranty of 40 years.

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