ALSAN achieves zero falls BBA approval


SOPREMA’s rapid-curing, liquid-applied roof waterproofing system – ALSAN, has been awarded certification by the BBA for zero fall roof applications. The possibility of installing rapid-curing, flame-free waterproofing on roofs with zero pitch or minimal falls will provide distinct advantages to installers and clients alike.

ALSAN liquid applied roof waterproofing is a PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate)solution, that enables a monolithic construction on both refurbishment and new build projects .

Utilising SOPREMA’s new damp substrate primer – ALSAN 178RS, the certified liquid waterproofing system can be installed as soon as 7 days after pouring the concrete on the structural deck. This product provides a considerable time and cost advantage over other liquid systems, that typically can only be installed a minimum of 28 days after concrete pour, with a maximum substrate moisture content of 5%.

The ALSAN roof waterproofing system’s fast-track advantages make it ideal for new build podium deck and inverted roof applications and provides distinct time and cost savings onsite. In addition to the on site benefits of installing this system, ALSAN is a highly durable, flame-free system that has a life expectancy in excess of 25 years, demonstrated in the BBA Agrément Certificate.

• View the BBA Agrément Certificate for ALSAN liquid applied roof waterproofing systems on the :  BBA Website
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