NEW PRODUCT! Get on site sooner with SOPRADVANCE


A 28 day cure time is generally specified for newly poured concrete, as it is generally believed that the integrity  and final strength of concrete is achieved through a well-managed cure process. SOPRADVANCE concrete compound can be applied directly to the new concrete surface, as little as 7 days after pouring.

SOPRADVANCE Concrete Compound is a rapid curing formula that forms a barrier against capillary rising moisture, on concrete substrates with high residual moisture content and therefore, allows SOPREMA waterproofing systems to be installed directly onto the substrate, eradicating an additional 21 days wait until final cure. This concrete solution can offer considerable cost and time savings on construction programmes and make a significant contribution to meeting the ever increasing demands of the UK construction industry.


+ Minimise construction downtime
+ Accelerated project schedules
+ Save up to 21 days waiting
+ Fast track roofing & waterproofing
+ SOPREMA waterproofing compatible

SOPRADVANCE CONCRETE COMPOUND is available now from SOPREMA. Contact us today to discover more about how this product can fast track roofing and waterproofing on new build projects.