SOPREMA receives green guide A rating


SOPREMA UK is pleased to announce they have received a Green Guide A-rating for their EFYOS XPS SL and EFYOS XPS 500 thermal insulation.

EFYOS XPS insulation, is an industry leading range of extremely high performance, extruded polystyrene (XPS) closed cell insulation boards, suitable for many demanding and varied insulation applications including inverted and green roofs.

Both EFYOS XPS SL and XPS 500 have been certified by BRE Certification to the 2008 BRE Environmental Profiles Methodology which assess the environmental impact of the products across their entire life cycle from cradle to grave.

The BRE has approved EFYOS XPS SL and XPS 500 with a 2008 Green Guide rating of A. The Environmental Profiles Scheme Certificate Number is ENP 537.

EFYOS 2008 Green Guide Summary Ratings are shown below and can also be found on BRE Green Book Live.

For designers or specifiers looking to make the best environmental choices when choosing construction materials, this A-rating for SOPREMA’S EFYOS XPS SL and XPS 500 gives peace of mind that our green claims are substantiated and meet the correct performance standards according to their correct use.


For roof specification, EFYOS XPS SL and XPS 500 should be used within a complete SOPREMA waterproofing system which means SOPREMA can provide an industry leading, single point warranty for complete peace of mind. For more information, please contact