Bituminous roofing for prestigious project in Belgium


Since the summer of 2018, Belgium has yet another impressive building to be proud of. The city of Hasselt, capital of the province of Limburg, today houses its staff of various divisions in a city hall that combines historical and contemporary architecture. To enable the city’s service centre to remain in pristine condition for many years to come, SOPREMA provided the new wing with sustainable roofing of the highest quality.


Before Hasselt’s new town hall in the old gendarmerie barracks on the Guffenslaan came to be, the city organized a design competition. Architectural firms Jaspers-Eyers, SAQ, Michiel Janssen and MASS came out the joint winners who got to thoroughly renovate the barracks building and connect it with a stunning new building including seven floors and a roof terrace, green roofs and an underground car park.


To construct a top-quality and sustainable building, selecting a solid roof finish is crucial. Having previously collaborated with SOPREMA on multiple projects, the architects turned to us both for materials and expertise in roof construction. Assisted by SOPREMA specialists, they were ultimately able to select all the right materials for the service centre’s various roofs.


Having experienced the advantages of bituminous roofing in the past, the architects did not hesitate to have both the top and bottom layer of the new building’s roofs finished with SBS membranes. More specifically, Soprastick venti FF was used for the bottom layer because it can be combined easily with multilayer insulation and thus would prevent the result from becoming too thick. Sopralene Optima was brought in for the top layer, not only offering the highest possible resistance but also excelling in terms of durability.

About 1,500 m² of the parking lot’s lower roof has been finished as an inverted roof (with the insulation layer applied on top of the water retaining layer). On top of two layers of sealing material, XPS boards were applied and then topped off with a tile floor. Because the service centre also has a green roof, the architects gave the bituminous parts a root-resistant top layer. The roofers first glued a Soprarock PB P3 TF vapor barrier to the substrate and then added the SBS membranes. All materials were installed quickly and with the greatest of ease by roofing company Zolderse Dakprojecten, who once again showed their excellent craftsmanship!