Copper art waterproofing for new build home in conservation area


• Project: Upway, Devon
 Year completed: 2011
• Products used:
Flag PVC SFC Copper Art 1.8 mm singly ply membrane
Sopravap Poly 250 Vapour control layer


An exclusive new build private two storey home in its own grounds, near the Goosemoore RSPB Nature Reserve, the roof was required to look like a traditional copper roof.


Through the use of real copper in our enhanced, patented, thermoplastic PVC waterproofing system, Flag-Soprema’s Copper Art SFC oxidising membrane takes on the patina of age, just as traditional Copper metal would. The fleece backed membrane was fully adhered to the insulation boards to achieve the required smooth finish using the extremely high skill sets of Progressive Systems’ fully trained operatives to produce an outstanding finish. Progressive Systems used standing seam profiles and embossed fascia detailing techniques to recreate the traditional copper appearance to the highest standard.


Copper Art carries a long term guarantee that the patination will continue to mature. Use of the product enables a metallic finish to be specified where budget limitations would otherwise have added significantly to the build cost. It also allows more complex detailing to accommodated within the design and eliminates the risk of copper theft from the client. Progressive Systems identified that they could offer the client a sustainable alternative to a traditional copper roof, with all the aesthetical appearances of real copper yet more cost effective for the client.

This is an excellent example of how a contractor has worked with the manufacturer to find a unique and innovative product to eliminate a number of potential challenges and problems that the client may face. Projects such as this set a high standard of workmanship in order to achieve sustainable yet cost effective projects.


Progressive Systems’ operative Nick Howland completed the Flag-Soprema approved contractor training for operatives on the first of June 2011, he led the Progressive Systems roofing team after attending the PVC training course where he further developed his skills on complex detailing and installation.

Progressive Systems’ commitment to operative training has clearly benefited both themselves the contractor as they can provide clients with exceptional workmanship on all projects, but also the client as they are able to achieve the structural and aesthetic requirements of their designs and projects within budgetary limitations. Working with highly trained operatives has enabled Soprema to offer a 20 year, insurance backed, single point warranty on this project.