Flag copper art membrane for national outdoor centre


• Project: Tollymore National Outdoor Centre
• Location: Co. Down, Nothern Ireland
• Year completed: 2012
• Products used:
Flag Copper Art PVC synthetic waterproofing membrane
Copper Art Standing Seam Profiles


Tollymore National Outdoor Centre set in the foothills of the Mournes in Co. Down, Northern Ireland provides an extensive range of outdoor sporting activities for individuals and groups at all levels. The Centre underwent extensive redevelopment in 2010 and saw the opening of the ultra modern eco-friendly new building.


The impressive roof was covered with 1200m2 of Copper Art membrane with standing seam detail giving the illusion of a traditional copper standing seam roof. Copper art is easier and faster to install with the added benefit of being more cost effective. As the the membrane contains real copper particles it will take on the patina of age and change in colour over time as copper cladding would, blending into the surroundings without disturbing the outstanding landscape.

In order to cover the barrel vault roof the membrane was rolled down top to bottom and fully adhered to the timber substrate with men using rope access equipment. The precise craftsmanship ensured that the roof was finished to an extremely high standard and achieved the envisioned crowing glory of the exceptional new building.

Thornton Roofing utilise the philosophy of continuous improvement and research in order to offer the safest, highest quality and most up to date construction solutions available, this is clearly shown throughout this project and has enabled them to complete the installation to the highest possible standard with no complications. Their commitment to this level of professionalism within the roofing industry is an excellent example of how the roofing industry is adapting to the needs of specifiers and exceeding expectations of clients in today’s market.

Flag Copper Art waterproofing membrane was selected for its versatility and outstanding aesthetic appearance, the membrane provides clear financial, aesthetic, installation and performance benefits whilst also meeting the sustainability requirements of the specification.