Increasing Safety by Reducing Risk

ALSAN Non Slip Waterproofing for balconies and walkways



Ascham Homes undertook an external refurbishment and building envelope refurbishment scheme in early 2014. This included complete refurbishment and upgrade of the existing surfaces on the private balconies and communal walkways. The existing asphalt coverings had reached the end of their serviceable life, and suffered damage as a result of contamination from refuse, continued traffic and general wear and tear.


These pictures show before and after the ALSAN application.


The ALSAN PMMA fast curing waterproofing system was specified for the refurbishment of the communal walkways and private balconies, due to its highly non-slip properties, minimal disruption to residents during installation, low odour formulation, and long life expectancy.

Products Used:
Alsan 172 Primer
Alsan 770 TX Upstand Waterproofing
Alsan 770 Waterproofing
Alsan Fleece P
Alsan 070 Catalyst
Alsan Quartz Sand

The existing asphalt was carefully prepared by Armour Group roofing contractors, SOPREMA Approved Installers from Armour Group, applied the fast curing system with very little disruption to the resident’s daily activities, as the ALSAN PMMA waterproofing system cures within 30 mins of application. This also meant that each private balcony could be fully refurbished in only a few hours.

Wet and dry pendulum slip resistance tests were carried out on this BBA Approved system post application, to provide evidence that the ALSAN PMMA system achieved the clients non slip requirements. The pendulum test complies with BS7976-2 and the results of these tests exceeded HSE guidelines for Low Risk Slip Potential. The required result for low slip risk is 36+ , ALSAN achieved 55 on the wet surface test and 63 on the dry surface test, qualifying it as fit for purpose, ensuring non-slip and durable walkway and balcony areas for the residents of this property.

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