London hospital roof refurbishment use Sopralene waterproofing system


The NHS Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in North-West London received funding in 2016 to redevelop and improve it’s buildings and facilities following a long funding campaign. The hospital is located on a 100 acre site and provides complex surgery and rehabilitation, cutting-edge research and clinical training.

Part of the approved funding budget included a complete refurbishment on the flat roof of the Outpatients’ Centre, which meant upgrading the waterproofing and insulation to meet current building regulations.

Sunrise Roofing was the approved contractor for this project. Altogether they have refurbished over 35 roofs of different sizes for the NHS Trust and so were familiar with the challenges which they would be faced with on site including site deliveries, minimal disruption to the building occupants especially as surgery was still being carried out and speed of work to ensure valuable equipment was not damaged.

The original specification for this project was a torch on vapour barrier to the metal deck. However, despite core samples being taken, as the work began, Sunrise soon realised that the recovery board was stuck solid with polymer bitumen and that they therefore needed a plan B.

A new specification was needed to overcome this problem which had already cost them a lot of time, trying to remove the bitumen. SOPREMA provide a new specification which included sealing the laps of the vapour barrier, while mechanically fixing the insulation boards with the recommended fixings.

The Sopralene waterproofing system included:
Primer: Sopradere Quick Primer
Vapour Barrier: EVA 35 Vapour Barrier
Insulation: 130mm Sopratherm Insulation
Vented Underlayer: Ventirock SBS 3 TF
Cap sheet: Sopralene Flam 180TF and Sopralene Flam 180AF
Detailing: Alsan 770TX System

Sunrise Roofing worked with SOPREMA to ensure deliveries to site were before 7.30am before it got too heavily congested. Sunrise Roofing also started early in the morning before surgery started at 8:30am to ensure as little disruption as possible.

The Sopralene system provides a high performance waterproofing solution for the hospital that guarantees longevity.

Sunrise Roofing installed the waterproofing systems to a very high standard. Steve O’Mahoney, Director of Sunrise Roofing commented: “The SOPREMA’s Sopralene system is a superb system to work with. As it is, the roof looks like it was installed using Photoshop.”

You can read more about the installation of this project written by Steve O’Mahoney, Director of Sunrise Roofing here. He gives a detailed account of overcoming issues on-site and why he trusts in SOPREMA to provide the ultimate waterproofing system and solution

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