Patented synthetic copper waterproofing system for church cupola


• Project: Leigh Road Baptist Church
• Scope of Project: New roof cupola for church extension
• Year completed: 2012
• Products used: 
Flag Copper Art PVC SFC


The Leigh Road Baptist Church Cupola was originally specified as a traditional Copper roof, Flag Copper Art Single Ply membrane was presented to the Lewis Patten Chartered Architects; this offered a substantial cost saving and proved easier to install due to the complexity of the spire construction. The installation programme was reduced significantly, by installing Copper Art membrane and decorative profiles within 4 days after preparation. Copper Art membrane offers the aesthetic appearance of traditional Copper, whilst offering cost savings, reduced programme time and has no value as a heavy precious metal.This is a particularly beneficial product when insurance on traditional metal roofs cannot be obtained due to risk or previous theft.


In 2009 the Church community raised £20,000 to replace the copper on their church spire. Just before the scaffolding was taken down, thieves posing as workmen stole the copper from the existing spire and sold it illegally for a mere £260. David Elcock, community worker at the church explained “Church members raised £20,000 for the work which was nearing completion when it was taken. It was a huge set back for us”. When the new plans for the redevelopment were finalised the architect had designed a new cupola to allow light to flood into the welcome area through the cupola, and represent a beacon of light to the local community, It was decided that an alternative material to copper would be a great advantage and prevent future financial loss to the church.

TJ Evers the main contractor subcontracted Mells Roofing Ltd, a local roofing contractor who installed our unique product. By doing so, they eliminated the risks associated with traditional copper roofing products such as theft, cold bridging, air tightness, corrosion and water ingress at penetrations and details on the spire. The result was a striking finish that will take on the patina of age just as real copper would.


This is an excellent example of a contractor working in partnership with the Client and Architect in order to source cost effective, sustainable and unique solutions to problems faced across the roofing industry.

In addition to the outstanding customer service that Mells roofing provided to the church they were able to provide the highest standard of workmanship through their commitment to operative training. Prior to the installation of the membrane two of Mells’ highly competent operatives completed the product specific training provided by Soprema; in order to create the finish and detailing on the spire to the highest standard, so that it would fit with the existing copper spire on the church. They used the skills they had learnt to work together with the operatives from TJ Evers building contractor who were constructing the framework of the new cupola and spire. Using the knowledge and expertise from both trades to create a very unique and eye catching beacon for the church.