5 reasons why SBS modified bituminous roofing membranes make all the difference


Roofing has undergone a tremendous amount of change over  the last few decades. Still, even though roofing materials are more diverse than ever, traditional  bituminous roofing membranes remain a popular choice. And rightly so, because they offer numerous benefits. This article focuses on the five key benefits of SBS bitumen roofing membranes.

1. Exceptional lifespan

A key advantage of bituminous roofing membranes is beyond doubt it’s exceptionally long lifespan. Typically SOPREMA’s SBS bitumen membranes have a tested life expectancy in excess of 30 years. Bituminous roof coverings require little upkeep over the years, although annual maintenance is recommended to extend its lifespan.

2. Versatility

Did you know bituminous  roofing membranes are not just used for flat roofs but also barrel and dome roofs, ballasted and complex profile roofs.  Root resistant bituminous membranes are also available for green roof applications.

3. Peace of mind

With a multi-layer bituminous roofing membrane system, the building owner can be confident of a reliable and robust waterproofing solution that guarantees longevity for the building.

4. Sustainability

Green roofs can create sustainable building envelope solutions, creating biodiversity and making use of what would otherwise be wasted space. Bituminous roofing membranes, such as SOPREMA’s Sopralene Flam Garden 250 AF, can be used for green roofs as they are root resistant which stops the roots from penetrating the waterproofing system.

5. Ideal for refurbishment projects

Bituminous roofing membranes are perfectly suited to refurbishment projects where existing bituminous or asphalt  systems  have exceeded the performance lifespan of the existing waterproofing system.  A flat roof repair can range from a simple patch repair through to complete refurbishment.

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Bituminous roofing membranes are SOPREMA’s core activity. We offer various types of roofing made of modified bitumen, elastomer (SBS) and plastomer (APP), and pride ourselves on our products meeting all technical requirements. To distinguish us from other manufacturers, we always make sure our roofing materials have what it takes to get certified by qualified authorities such as British Board of Agreement and FM Approval.

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