Approved Contractors: What are the benefits?


Many manufacturers of roofing and waterproofing materials operate a network of approved contractors, who are specialists in the installation of that particular manufacturer’s materials, but what are the benefits of approved contractors that specifiers and clients can expect?


The approved contractor will have gone through a comprehensive application process in order to become approved by the roofing or waterproofing product manufacturer, including but not limited to; previous waterproofing or roofing installations and workmanship checks, product installation training, financial analysis, existing expertise, client and financial references.


Roofing material manufacturers should support their approved contractors with specialist training in the techniques required to install their products in order to comply with building regulations and standards. This also ensures continuity and guarantees high quality waterproofing products are supported by high quality workmanship.


To ensure client peace of mind and guaranteed longevity, many manufacturers provide guarantees or warranties for materials that have been installed by an approved contractor.


Every contractor will specialise in certain types of waterproofing applications and won’t necessarily be a master of all waterproofing disciplines. For example, a bituminous felt flat roofing contractor will be a specialist their sector, yet may not be the most suitable installer for bituminous basement waterproofing. However, manufacturers recognise where their contractors specialise and will work with you to recommend the best options to you for your project.