Building for the Future: Urbanisation, Climate Change, Budgets


As the future marches ever closer, the construction industry is being forced into change. Techniques and materials used in the past are now obsolete, and greater innovation is more important than ever. As both the private and public sector’s requirements change to accommodate the future, so too does construction as an entire industry.

At SOPREMA, we believe it’s vital that manufacturers support the process of change. Because the products we create are at the very foundations of building projects, they should be future-proof and support the new factors of concern at the heart of modern construction.

Firstly, urban environments are growing increasingly common. In the UK alone, demand has grown for housing space – but actual building sizes are shrinking. As more people live in cities, there is more demand on construction businesses to create efficient living spaces without the luxury of space. We are also facing increasing concerns over climate change, which means construction projects must strive for sustainability. Finally, budgets are being reduced as the UK building sector growth is set to stagnate.

SOPREMA understands these issues, but through our corporate social responsibility policies and through our entire design philosophy. Here’s how we are working towards a better future…


Urbanisation refers to the transformation of rural areas to urban ones – which means human settlements with high population density and man-made environments. By 2050, the UN estimated 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas.

As construction professionals, our job is to ensure that this level of urban growth is supported by projects that provide good living conditions even as space comes at a premium. For SOPREMA, this means waterproofing solutions such as ALSAN PMMA which can be applied to roofing to create functional space – allowing car parks and balconies on roofs and other surfaces. This creates useable space out of surfaces that would otherwise go neglected.

Climate Change

As climate change dominates the headlines, both construction professionals and businesses as a whole must aim to reduce their carbon footprints and be kinder to our environment. At SOPREMA, we have put sustainability at the heart of our business. We have many recycling iniatives running, and use our SOPREMA CO2 and Eco Struction labels to assure sustainability. We also encourage projects to utilise eco-friendly materials such as Synthetic PVC/TPO – as well as offering a green roofing service that creates an eco-friendly surfacing solution for buildings. Our XPS insulation range also provides an energy-efficient insulation solution.