Creating a Comfortable Living Environment: Optimal Wall, Floor and Roof Insulation


When it comes to designing residential structures, the comfort of inhabitants should be considered from the very beginning. Advancements in insulation and energy have allowed homeowners to keep their homes warmer than ever before. As a society, we now come to expect warmer homes as standard – which means specifiers need to consider the optimal way to create comfortable interior temperatures by selecting the optimal insulation solutions.

Insulation Versatility

Insulation is not solely about the insulation in walls – it is also important to utilise the right insulation for roofing and flooring to avoid heat loss. EFYOS XPS Insulation from SOPREMA can be used in a wide variety of applications; from interior walls to foundation walls through to flat or pitched roofs, floors and cavity walls.


EFYOS XPS is also fully compatible with our waterproofing systems, which means you can source your waterproofing and insulation from one supplier. Ultimately, this means you can specify a residential project that includes a comprehensive warranty. The high compressive strength of our insulation supports both flat and pitched roof designs.


The typical British home has been getting warmer, but still often falls short of the 18-21C comfortable room temperature. EFYOS XPS offers high thermal conductivity ratings in all variants; wall, roof, floor and siding. Rated at 0.034-0.038 (W/(m.K) depending on thickness, all our insulation helps keep internal temperatures at a tolerable level. For residents or landlords who will ultimately use the building, this thermal efficiency will also help add a layer of comfort in the knowledge that their home is more eco-friendly.

If you choose a bitumen system, which EFYOS XPS is compatible with, you will also benefit from the natural ability of Bitumen to absorb heat due to its dark colour and ability to withstand damage from heat or UV rays. Thankfully, by installing our XPS insulation layer under the roofing membrane, you can enjoy some of this absorbed heat without the risk of superheating your home.


A residential structure needs dependable weather proofing to ensure the comfort of occupants. By creating a SOPREMA bitumen and XPS blended solution, you can create a roof that offers total weather proofing that is unaffected by UV or building movements. For even further reassurance, EFYOS XPS is moisture resistant. Finally, by sourcing your insulation and waterproofing membranes from one supplier, you can benefit from an industry-leading, insurance-backed warranty that guarantees durable waterproofing for decades.

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