Everything you need to consider for Flat Roof Repair


Flat roofing is becoming an increasingly popular form of roofing for many different buildings. However, if the roofing fails for any reason residents or building occupants can be placed in danger. Flat roof repair work can range from a simple patch repair, through to complete renovations – especially for flat roofs that have exceeded the performance lifespan of the existing waterproofing system.

If you are considering flat roof repair work, here are our top considerations:

Level of damage

If damage is minimal, repair work can consist of a simple patch repairt. Unfortunately, risking further damage by ignoring the size of a problem can be expensive. If a roof requires significant repair work, patch repair won’t work and may only be a temporary fix until refurbishment can take place. If damage is extensive, a new roofing system is a better choice.

Traffic on roof

Many flat roofs are used as trafficable surfaces such as balconies and parking lots. Improper waterproofing can be damaged by mechanical and pedestrian traffic. If you need to repair a flat roof that is used as a trafficable space, or you would like to convert the existing roof into a balcony, choose Soprema Alsan PMMA for rapid-curing, trafficable waterproofing.

Life expectancy of roof

Firstly, you must consider the current length of service life the roof was given before it failed. There are many different roofing and waterproofing systems available on the market, however, each has its own advantages and lifespan. Soprema’s bitumen roofing systems are renowned for longevity, and backed by an industry-leading warranty. Our SBS blended bitumen retains pliability and elasticity even after ageing.


Some traditional construction materials used for roofing and waterproofing, such as copper and lead have a high value. Alternative materials that offer the same aesthetic benefits alongside high performance waterproofing can provide great benefits in terms of eradicating the risk of theft of roofing materials.

Thermal Performance

Flat roofs can become damaged due through exposure to poor weather, so a installing a durable waterproofing membrane is preferable when repairing the system. Bitumen systems from Soprema perform in both extreme cold and heat. Insulation is also important – as fitting improper insulation or failing to repair existing insulation when repairing the roof can create heat loss and impact the energy efficiency in the building.

Ongoing maintenance

When repairing flat roofing, it’s important to choose a system that keeps maintenance to a minimum. Repairing a roof then being forced to constantly maintain it adds additional cost implications for the building owner. Choose a low maintenance, robust solution such as bitumen to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Flat roof repair for homeowners

Many flat roof repairs will require fitting new membranes to your roof. This work should be carried out only by an approved installer, guaranteeing the system and ensuring the project is done correctly. Homeowners can contact Soprema directly and we will advise and reccomend approved contractors to carry out works.

Flat Roof Repair for Commercial Projects

Our technical department is always on hand to assist with free roof surveys, where we can assess damage and advise on repairs. We are also hosting a new CPD seminar for flat roofing specification, which will help architects and surveying practices choose the correct material for use on flat roofs.

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