Flat Roofs for Longevity and Security


For many years, ‘pitched’ roofing was the go-to style of roof throughout the UK. Think of a typical home and you will picture the sloping or ‘pitched’ roof sitting atop it. Flat roofing, on the other hand, was typically reserved for commercial premises. However, flat roof designs are growing increasingly common for homeowners, whilst continuing to offer a huge array of advantages for commercial projects – especially residential projects such as hotels.

For those hotels and social housing, flat roof systems provide many benefits that have made them the go-to choice for architects specifying for projects. Here are the reasons you should consider a bituminous flat roofing system.


Flat roofing allows an architect to design a hotel or residential structure that utilises shape and space directly under the roof, rather than being limited by pitched roofing – which requires additional room to hold the roof up.


Traditional tiled, pitched roofs are not secure. Once a potential thief or burglar has managed to access the roof, the tiles can be prized apart with a boot or a tool and leave a premises vulnerable. For hotels, where guest safety is paramount, this is an unacceptable risk. Flat roofs eliminate this risk entirely.


Hotels are typically built to last, with high maintenance budgets to account for the wear and tear of a constant influx of guests. As such, their interiors are often designed to be robust and durable. With that in mind, why should the roof be any different? A flat roof made from SOPREMA bituminous membrane is an exceptionally durable waterproofing solution to withstand all weather – whilst also boasting pliability and elasticity even after aging.

As well as protecting the structure from rainfall, bituminous flat roofing can resist extreme weather conditions such as ice and snow – eliminating the need to repair roofing following harsh winters. As the system nears the end of its service life, the property owner will be able to keep costs down by adding a single layer overlay atop the existing system rather than a full replacement.


Flat roofs are often the most cost efficient choice for projects – as they take less time to install and require fewer materials to construct. In addition, SOPREMA offer an industry-leading warranty for our bituminous roofing system, providing reassurance to the building owners throughout the product’s service life.

Bituminous waterproofing membranes are also capable of absorbing stresses and are unaffected by building movement – which helps provide a further level of reassurance over their enduring quality. For structures that will house guests or residents, nothing is as important as durable waterproofing – which protects the occupants from water ingress and your property from internal damage.

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