How do you avoid problems with roof detail on flat roofs?


Flat roofs are a popular choice amongst designers, usually because of their strong aesthetic appeal. The design of a flat roof however can be very complex because of roof details, interfaces, outlets etc. Too little attention is given to these critical areas and the result is problems later on. It is only when leaks start to happen that action is taken. Recognising these challenges as early as the design stage can help prevent problems occurring later on after the installation is complete.


Very often it is often the installer who is confronted with the complexity of details and interfaces on a flat roof. Roof details and interfaces can be difficult to seal with a bituminous waterproofing system and very often they need to be applied without using a flame. Designers should therefore consider detailing issues at the design phase to ensure, when it comes to the actual installation, the project is not held up by any unforeseen problems.


An important consideration for roof details and interfaces is that the waterproofing solution chosen is compatible with the waterproofing system used on the roof. Alsan Flashing Quadro and ALSAN PMMA are both ideal solutions for detailing, interfaces and drainage, providing a seamless and highly aesthetic finish that can be used with bituminous waterproofing.


The designer should ideally consider the roof detail etc. during the design phase so that the best waterproofing systems is specified. Choosing the best solution at the design phase will help to avoid problems later on. If you would like to understand more about roof detailing, our team of experts can meet with you to present the most suitable solutions for your project. We also offer design consultations and advice for new build projects. Please email us your requirements to: