How to refurbish a balcony in one day?


Wondering how you can waterproof a balcony project in as little as a single day?
Select a rapid curing waterproofing system such as PMMA liquid resin. Choose a system that offers a non-slip and decorative finish, to reduce the need for further works or paving and increase safety. We can help you choose the right color for your balcony by using the ALSAN preview generator.


08 – 10am Prepare the substrate; ensure that the surface is free from debris, dirt,  dust and contaminants.

10am – 12pm Prime and waterproof the upstands and details

1pm – 3pm  Waterproof the main flat field area

3pm – 5pm Install the non slip protective layer and decorative finish


Find out more about the ALSAN liquid range here.