Lightweight, Cost-Effective Metal Deck Waterpoofing


Metal deck structures are often the ideal solution for businesses that need a logistics centre or warehouse facility. They are often relatively fast to construct and are typically cost efficient. Unlike traditional concrete and timber framed buildings, most metal deck structures do not need to offer certain physical properties and are instead designed solely to house stock, vehicles or a workforce in a manufacturing environment.

In such an environment, the main consideration for construction professionals is weatherproofing. Where expensive stock is housed, there can be no room for error – as water ingress can be either financially damaging or even dangerous.

At SOPREMA, our metal deck waterproofing solution completely protects a structure from rainfall. FLAG PVC is a flexible, non-toxic synthetic waterproofing membrane. By using FLAG PVC, you can meet the key demands of waterproofing for a metal deck structure:

Installation timescale

Typically, metal deck structures demand fast construction timelines. With FLAG PVC, Soprema offer significantly reduced installation timescales whether you choose a traditional mechanically fixed system or our new RhinoBond method. By using the RhinoBond installation attachment system, you can secure the waterproofing membrane and insulation to the deck without creating any point of entry for moisture. This requires between 25-50% fewer fasteners compared to mechanical fixing, and provides superior wind uplift. This system is fully approved by SOPREMA after rigorous testing, and will appeal whenever reducing installation timescale is a consideration.

Cost efficiency

FLAG PVC is an affordable solution that has an expected longevity in excess of 35 years. Because of its low installation time and material cost, it reduces overall project cost. At the end of its service life, the membrane is also fully recyclable – so is particularly valuable to companies interested in sustainability.

Lightweight, durable material

Metal decks are usually more suited to lightweight waterproofing solutions. FLAG PVC is lightweight and flexible. It is also unaffected by hot and cold cycles, which is useful if the metal deck is for a manufacturing facility. The system will not rot, is resistant to puncturing and carries full BBA approval.

Brand fidelity

A final point to note is that often, metal deck buildings can be presented with a brand’s colour scheme. The FLAG PVC system can match any RAL colour, so can help maintain brand fidelity and create a metal deck building that stands out.

Ultimately, however, the main benefits are those that matter most for this type of project: cost efficiency and reduced timescales. By using our fast-track installation method, you can protect the contents within a metal deck structure from rainfall with a warranty-backed, BBA-approved, fully recyclable system.


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