Our top 5 XPS Insulation Applications


XPS (Extruded polystyrene) Insulation provides exceptional compressive strength and consistent lambda values year after year. XPS insulation performs in some of the most challenging environments; under slabs, concrete floors, foundations, plaza podium decks and is often used in areas where other types of insulation cannot perform. Here are the 5 best XPS insulation applications:

1. Flat Roof Insulation

Proven resistance to moisture, compressive strength, and durability are some of the key performance properties that make XPS a popular choice for flat roof insulation.

2. Foundation Wall Insulation

Utilising XPS Insulation on exterior foundation walls, not only reduces exposure of the exterior surface to temperature changes but also maximises internal space within the construction.

3. Cavity Wall Insulation

Moisture resistant XPS insulation is often used to insulate cavity walls due to its ability to maintain good R values even when subjected to moisture.

4. Floor Insulation

Boasting impressive compressive strength properties, XPS is widely recognised as high performance insulation solution for floors. XPS offers a thermally efficient solution with high load bearing capability. XPS insulation solutions are available for all types of flooring applications; from domestic to commercial projects and cold stores.

5.Interior wall Insulation

Moisture resistant XPS can be an effective way of increasing the thermal efficiency of basement constructions and reduce energy usage.

Soprema manufacture and supply an extensive range of XPS insulation solutions for a multitude of applications where compressive strength and thermal performance are demanded. View the range here.