Reduce costs and save time on new build construction programmes


The UK construction industry is increasingly becoming a more demanding and extremely competitive environment; with tight construction schedules and significantly reduced margins, fast track and efficient building materials are crucial to contributing to meeting these increasing demands.

Concrete cure time incure costs

There are many areas of construction that can be optimised to meet industry demands. When considering new build projects, concrete cure time is a major factor within the construction programme. Very often, a contractor is required to wait a minimum of 28 days before waterproofing the new concrete with a bituminous, liquid or single ply waterproofing system, in order to ensure there is no risk of moisture being trapped within the concrete and the waterproofing system. This not only adds a considerable amount of time to the construction programme but also incurs significant costs that are associated to down time on site.

Reduce down time on site

A 28 day cure time is generally specified for newly poured concrete, as it is generally believed that the integrity and final strength of concrete is achieved through a well-managed cure process. Sopradvance concrete  compound can be applied directly to the new concrete surface, as little as 7 days after pouring. This new concrete compound allows SOPREMA waterproofing systems to be installed directly onto the substrate, eradicating an additional 21 days wait until final cure, application of a moisture managing compound could also aid regulation of the moisture escape during the concrete curing process. This concrete solution can fast track construction schedules and offer considerable cost and time savings on construction programmes and make a significant contribution to meeting the ever increasing demands of the UK construction industry. Based on consultation with a number of Main Contractors in the UK, indicative prelim costs can be approximately 20-30K per week, a saving of up to 21 days of downtime on site can be achieved utilising this new concrete compound.