SOCIAL HOUSING – roofing and waterproofing refurbishment to minimise the impact on residents in situ


Plan the project

Social housing refurbishment needs many considerations to be made when planning the project. With many projects needing to accommodate a high number of residents in situ during works, it is important to plan carefully in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to the residents and minimise the disruption to their daily lives, without compromising on product and installation quality. 

Refurbishment of access walkways, stairwells and balconies can often be challenging, as unavoidably there will be some level of disruption to residents during this element of refurbishment. However, selecting products to resurface stairways, waterproof balconies and walkways that are easy to apply, quick to install and offer the non-slip, aesthetic  finish and hard wearing product longevity required, can assist in delivering the best outcome with minimal disruption to residents.

Choose the right products

PMMA liquid waterproofing is increasingly considered an ideal solution for walkways, balconies and stairwells . Its rapid-curing properties, fast-track installation and unlimited colours and finishes make it an extremely versatile waterproofing solution that minimises disruption to residents and the impact on access to the property.

Not only is PMMA resin waterproofing rapid-curing, it is cold-applied in liquid form, reducing the need for hot works on site during the waterproofing refurbishment process. The hardwearing properties of the product also guarantee longevity for high traffic areas.

PMMA liquid waterproofing systems are designed specifically to the project to which they are applied, according to a number of criteria including but not limited to; the level of traffic, building purpose, aesthetic requirements and non slip properties required.


Soprema can assist you with a bespoke specification for your project. Request a survey and specification here.