SOPREMA’s service: from training programs and building calculations to single point of warranty

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In our recent article on XPS insulation, we explained how SOPREMA is your one-stop-shop, acting as your single point of warranty and advice. Obviously, our systems approach not only applies to our XPS range; it affects all of our products and systems – from bitumen to synthetic and liquid waterproofing, and from PIR to PAVATEX insulation. Read on to find out everything SOPREMA can do for you – besides providing original, high-performing and high-tech material. 


SOPREMA’s external service

1. Extensive network of approved contractors

We have an extensive contractor network of approved SOPREMA installers. Before contractors can come on board with us, they must prove they have the skills required to carry out the works. We look into their qualifications – an NVQ diploma or manufacturer approval cards, for instance – and invite them to our very own training centre, where we train them to handle the SOPREMA materials that match their skill set. Once they have finished the necessary training, we issue them with their ‘approved installer card’ and they can get to work throughout the UK.


2. On-site inspectors: advice and warranty

Our customers can rely on SOPREMA site technicians. Our on-site team carry out inspections, give advice and provide technical support wherever necessary. After their initial visit, they issue a report to the approved contractor involved, who passes on the report to the main contractor. This dynamic carries on throughout the project, as SOPREMA keeps a close eye on the progress of the installation, until the final inspection of the site. After the site technician has approved the work and drawn up a final report, the contractor can apply for a warranty, which we subsequently issue for the duration of the particular project (twenty, twenty-five, thirty or even forty years). 


3. Specification: guidelines one can rely on

The SOPREMA technical department also offers bespoke detailed specifications, providing contractors with specific guidelines before the start of the project – from the accessories to be used to the project safety conditions and the actual execution. The site inspectors make sure the works are done according to the code of practice described. Our products and their specification data are showcased on the National BIM Library and the National Building Specification website. 


SOPREMA’s in-house services

1. Warranty complaints

In the event there is an issue, Soprema has a robust and strictly governed Warranty complaints system in place. Our Field Technicians will be on site to  assess the situation and investigate the problem with the contractor, ensuring a solution is found.


2. Training requests

SOPREMA provides expert courses on the techniques and applications required to install our systems (natural insulation, synthetic, liquid and bituminous systems), offering contractors plenty of opportunities to improve their knowledge of our materials and remain up-to-date. Our administrators process all training requests and keep a record of installers who have participated in our training programmes.


3. Building calculations

We not only address the needs of our clients by providing innovative products, but also by carrying out the necessary calculations to support contractors and specifiers. When a contractor needs a U-calculation on XPS insulation, they complete a request form, we do the calculations to confirm the thermal validity of the insulation (or suggest adaptations where needed) and keep a record of it. In addition, we can help with drainage calculations, looking at the size of the outlets and determining how many are needed on the roof area in question, and with WUFI calculations to assess any moisture transport within walls and the validity of the thermal performance of PAVATEX/ISOLAIR insulation panels to be used in a building.


4. Technical drawings

We share our knowledge with our customers through a wide range of technical drawings within our systems drawing library, in line with the latest industry codes of practice from NHBC and British standards. Our in-house CAD drawing process starts when a contractor makes a request. Once the timeline has been agreed, we produce the drawing. The results can go back and forth, making amendments to the drawing until the contractor and project architect are satisfied. Contractors should bear in mind, though, that SOPREMA is a technical service, not a design service.


Regularly in contact with industry-leading associations

In addition to consulting with the BBA and Kiwa and having our products qualified and tested by said leading construction certification bodies, we attend regular meetings with technical bodies such as: 


  • NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors)
  • LRWA (Liquid Roofing & Waterproofing Association)
  • SPRA (Single Ply Roofing Association)
  • GRO (Green Roof Association)
  • BTA (Bitumen Trade Association)
  • SEA (Sustainable Energy Association)
  • ASBP (Alliance for Sustainable Building Products)
  • STA (Structural Timber Association)
  • TGR (The Green Register)
  • WKW (Wood Knowledge Wales)
  • EEIG (Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group)


We are in daily contact with architects, surveyors, engineers, contractors and main contractors, too, showing our dedicated involvement in every stage of a project. 


The entire building envelope

Offering a vast amount of products, SOPREMA can act as your supplier and advisor for the entire building envelope. We are also unique in the sense that we manufacture the majority of our products ourselves and can function as a single point of warranty and contact. We can, for instance, include ALSAN and bituminous systems on the same project under the same warranty, which ensures any client partnering with SOPREMA has complete peace of mind.