The benefits of a green roof


It’s hardly surprising that green roofs are growing in popularity when you look at the wealth of benefits they bring to the environment, energy costs and the aesthetics of a building. Here are just some of the benefits to consider when selecting a green roof system:

Utilising unused space

The space at the top of a building is often neglected when designing or refurbishing a flat roof. Instead of having unutilised space on a rooftop, why not transform it into something useful, that people can enjoy? Green roofs are the perfect solution to this problem – they make neglected spaces attractive and useful with traditional vegetation, leading to the creation of a peaceful urban escape.

Promoting Bio-Diversity

One of the key advantages of green roofs lies in their positive effects on the environment. Green roofs promote bio-diversity, in that they house and nurture traditional vegetation, allowing for the creation of animal habitats for a range of species. Each green roof system is unique and provides opportunities for different types of habitats, suiting different wildlife, but ultimately promoting bio-diversity.

Slows Down Flooding Effect

Water generally rushes over hard, flat rooftops, however installing a green roof means that storm water is far less likely to rush off the side of the roof, thus reducing the storm water run-off. As well as reducing energy costs for your clients with natural forms of insulation, green roofs can reduce the need for expensive drainage systems, as they naturally absorb a lot of rainwater.

Improving Air Quality

Have you ever felt the Urban Heat Island Effect before? If you’ve walked across a vast expanse of concrete or tar, for example an open car park, on a hot day, you’ve probably experienced this effect. These types of roofs absorb and trap heat, making it an uncomfortable urban environment. Release buildings from this by installing a green roof and find air quality improved and the Urban Heat Island Effect reduced.

SOPREMA have a number of specialist extensive and intensive green roof solutions, that can be easily installed on all SOPREMA roofing and waterproofing systems. If you’re looking for light weight, low maintenance, easy to design and install green roof solutions, SOPREMA have the answer to your project.

We know that the construction and specifications of every green roof are different, and each should be uniquely designed to suit the exact requirements of the project. Take a look at examples of a green roof build up:

Inverted Green Roof System with Standard Insulation 

Uninsulated Green Roof System 

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