The benefits of construction product testing and approvals


When it comes to specifying a specific construction material type, for example a flat roof waterproofing system,  there is often a vast range of solutions to choose from. Each of which will have its own USP and technical performance advantages, but how can you be sure of the product performance and longevity benefits that are attracting you to specify a certain material, system or product? Discover the benefits of BBA approvals…

Independent product testing and approvals

The UK construction industry has long relied upon the BBA (British Board of Agrement) for independent construction product testing and certification. The BBA provide comprehensive testing, inspection and certification services in order to provide reassurance to construction industry professionals and clients alike. BBA certification is widely recognised not only in the UK but on a global level, with many other regions using the certification for product performance benchmarking and setting standards. The key construction trade associations in the UK also recognise the independent services provided by BBA and actively endorse them.

the benefits of bba approval for your project

Specifying a BBA approved product makes it easier to identify the specific performance properties that are required for a project as they are independently verified to be fit for purpose.

Soprema have a vast range of BBA certified roofing and waterproofing products for flat roofing, roofing, civils and surfacing applications.

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