Things you might not know about DUOFLEX Hot Melt Structural Waterproofing


At SOPREMA, we pride ourselves on creating waterproofing systems that boast superior longevity and durability. One of our most durable systems is DUOFLEX Structural Waterproofing, which is a hot melt, liquid applied system that is BBA certified to last the lifetime of the structure it is applied to. If you’re unfamiliar with DUOFLEX, here are some of the key elements that make it an invaluable roofing system.

Zero fall application

When working on zero fall roofing, it’s vital that ponding water cannot penetrate the substrate.  DUOFLEX is based on SBS modified bitumen and forms a strong, self-healing monolithic barrier. The system is also BBA certified for installation at zero falls. All of this ensures that DUOFLEX performs well on flat roofs.

Further to this, DUOFLEX can also be specified in conjunction with a green roof system when the Sopralene Flam Garden 250 anti-root capsheet is incorporated. A green roof helps transform a zero fall roof into a well-utilised space that promotes sustainability.

Phased works

DUOFLEX is ideal for use in phased works, as water cannot track underneath the system due to the monolithic bond DUOFLEX forms with the substrate when it is applied. This self-healing barrier can also be installed in temperatures as low as -15C – so projects are not halted if temperatures plummet.

Reduced Project Cost

DUOFLEX requires just 6kg of material per m², and does not require neoprene detailing due to its quality. By reducing the amount of bulk material required and avoiding the need to buy additional detailing supplies, DUOFLEX delivers a more cost-effective waterproofing solution.

Superior Durability & Performance

DUOFLEX is BBA certified to last for the whole lifetime of a structure, ensuring lasting durability over many years. The wording states: “The system, when fully protected and subject to normal service conditions, will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of liquid water and water vapour for the design life of the structure in which it is incorporated.” DUOFLEX also offers a self-healing barrier against minor penetrations, which keeps maintenance requirements at bay.

Industry-leading warranty

Many manufacturers claim to have the best waterproofing system, but only SOPREMA offers true assurance of our promise by providing a 40 year warranty for our DUOFLEX system. This is a market leading offering that illustrates our commitment to product quality and showcases the lasting, dependable quality of DUOFLEX.

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