Top three reasons to specify PMMA waterproofing for refurbishing flat roofs


Flat roof installations are a popular choice in modern buildings for many reasons, which include the ability to use the roof as a functional space and increase a building’s utility. Whether used as a balcony, rooftop car park or something else, all flat roofs must also be well maintained to avoid issues that may arise from water pooling and subsequent ingress.

However, with the correct waterproofing solution, maintenance requirements will be far lesser. If you have to refurbish a flat roof, it is time to consider a superior material to avoid future issues. With SOPREMA’s ALSAN PMMA resin waterproofing system, you can install a full waterproofing system that offers completely seamless finishes and the opportunity to use otherwise unused space.

ALSAN is ideal where there is a weight restriction and additional layers are restricted. The system’s durability, ease-of-application and watertight finish makes it ideal for refurbishing a flat roof. Still need more information? Here are the top three reasons to choose ALSAN PMMA.

Flame free application

First and foremost, ALSAN PMMA is a cold-applied liquid resin that does not require an open flame to install. This makes it useful on any project where safety concerns may prohibit the use of flame. ALSAN PMMA requires minimal equipment to install and offers rapid curing times. Once installed, the system offers a watertight and durable finish guaranteed for 20 years.

Fast track waterproofing

As mentioned above, Alsan PMMA requires minimal equipment compared to other waterproofing systems. It offers a fast curing time – going from primer to finish in just a few hours. This means the system is ideal for reducing construction schedules and providing minimal disruption to building occupants (which is doubly important during refurbishment, where occupants can be onsite). The system can also be applied in temperatures down to -5°C, meaning you don’t need to delay application if weather conditions worsen.

Aesthetic finishes

ALSAN PMMA provides a seamless finish on surfaces, even on complex details or penetrations. This allows a refurbishment project to result in a superior aesthetic finish. ALSAN PMMA liquid waterproofing also offers a wide range of colour options, with full design flexibility thanks to our ability to match to any RAL colour at no extra cost. The finish is also UV resistant; meaning no fading after the refurbishment is complete.

With BBA approval, rapid curing times, easy installation and high aesthetic value, it is easy to see why specifiers and roofers should choose ALSAN PMMA liquid waterproofing for refurbishing flat roofs.

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