Top tip: A quick guide to achieving a superior aesthetic result with PMMA liquid waterproofing.


As with most professional construction tasks and practices, superior aesthetic results are achieved by selecting a product that is fit for purpose and designed for the application in question, In conjunction with preparation of the substrate, planning of the installation and applicator expertise. These key points are certainly essential in achieving a superior aesthetic result with PMMA liquid waterproofing.

From walkways, flat roofs,  balconies and car parks, to hygiene surfaces and stadia, the best practice required for achieving outstanding product performance and highly aesthetic results with PMMA liquid waterproofing, remains the same.

1. PMMA system specification – specialist PMMA primers are available for all surfaces to ensure optimal adhesion of the waterproofing resin. Amongst a number of other specification and product performance considerations; the final finishing layers should be selected according to the surface use, health and safety requirements, aesthetics and suitability.

2. Installer training & expertise – It is essential that the waterproofing installer is trained by the manufacturer in the application of PMMA resins. These specialist high performance products are best installed with precision and expertise. Most reputable manufacturers operate an approved installer scheme for PMMA liquid waterproofing products.

3. Substrate preparation – the substrate to which the PMMA waterproofing system is to be applied, should be prepared according to the manufacturer’s technical instruction and free of contaminants.

4. Planning of works – Ensure the PMMA liquid waterproofing system can be installed within the time available and considerations are made for ambient temperatures, substrate temperatures, catalyst dosage and critical program planning, especially in areas where access is required.

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