Torch-On Solutions: What Are the Alternatives?


When the time is right to start thinking about refurbishing a building, there are many important factors to consider – few more important than health and safety. The materials you use in a roofing refurbishment, for example, are essential to outfitting the building in an effective, waterproof and safe way that will conform to the specifications of regulatory bodies and site owners. 

It is not always possible to refurbish roofing with a torch-on solution, especially considering the risk of igniting an existing material in situ and the consequent effect on health and safety. Thankfully, there are indeed alternatives to torch-on roofing solutions – ones that eliminate the use of a flame on site.

Improved technology over recent years has meant that the roofing industry can now access a more flexible range of roofing refurbishment solutions that do not involve open-flames during the installation process. SOPREMA offer the following alternatives to torch on membranes: self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing systems, cold-applied liquid resins (such as ALSAN PMMA) and single ply membranes.

A number of cold-applied bituminous waterproofing systems are available from SOPREMA. These systems have been designed to prevent the need for hot works and use Sopralene Optima capsheet and also Sopracol, a cold bonding adhesive, which is ideal for new or refurbishment projects and offers a 20-year guarantee. Also, for additional peace of mind, our bituminous membranes are BBA approved.

For cold applied liquid resins, SOPREMA has ALSAN PMMA which does not require an open flame to install. This makes it useful on any project where safety concerns may prohibit the use of flame. ALSAN PMMA requires minimal equipment to install and offers rapid curing times. Once installed, the system offers a watertight and durable finish guaranteed for 20 years.

Torch on membranes still have their place and are favoured by many roofing contractors but there are instances where it isn’t safe to use a gas torch. SOPREMA as a manufacturer, continues to develop its product range, as we understand the changing needs of the market.

We have pledged support to the Safe2Torch campaign, an NRFC campaign that seeks to reduce the risk of roof fires caused by using gas torches to dry out roofs or install torch-on membranes. We, along with the NRFC, recognise the potential risks of using gas torches in the roofing industry – that’s why SOPREMA offers specifiers and contractors effective alternatives to torch-on membranes.

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