Waterproofing the conical roofs of ‛The Oasts’ with ALSAN 601 PU

Waterproofing the conical roofs of ‛The Oasts’ with ALSAN 601 PU


In the early spring of 2020, SOPREMA got involved in roofing works on ‛The Oasts’, a beautiful 100-year old farmhouse located between the villages of Frensham, Churt and Bordon. Originally, oast houses were designed to dry hops, their typical cone-shaped roofs serving to increase the draught. In 2020, ‛The Oasts’ was up for refurbishment for residential use. Its original waterproofing was failing in various locations and water ingress was an issue, so waterproofing replacement was the only option. SOPREMA’s ALSAN 601 PU System proved perfect for the job.


Partners for the project

Thanks to our excellent relationship with Latchmore Roofing, the roofing contractor, and the superior qualities of our liquid waterproofing products, SOPREMA got on board in February 2020 for the surveying and specification of the roof of ‛The Oasts’. We also collaborated closely with the building contractor, AJ Smith, as well as with the architect, AJ Hutchinson. 


Product training and on-site assistance

Before being able to carry out the works, the roofing contractor had to undergo intensive training to become approved to install ALSAN 601 PU. This new liquid product was technically the best product for The Oasts, as it can be manipulated easily to follow the contour of an irregular and complex roof shape. Coupled with a quick cure, ALSAN 601 PU has proven to be the correct product choice.

Our technical team of experts trained Latchmore Roofing to ensure the necessary expertise was passed on and their operatives would be capable of installing ALSAN 601 PU to the highest standard. In addition, regular site visits were carried out during the three-week installation period. This support assisted in managing the project through to completion. 

This project will benefit from an independent insurance-backed warranty from SOPREMA for twenty years. Product performance and workmanship can be guaranteed through installation by an approved SOPREMA contractor.


Specially sourced finish colour

The owners of ‛The Oasts’ wanted a particular Oyster White finish for their roof. This is not a standard finish colour, but we were able to source it externally to their specification. The client’s expectations were delivered, and installing ALSAN 601 PU meant Latchmore Roofing delivered the project on time and within budget. The versatility, quick curing times and ease of application has meant that Latchmore Roofing have completed a further four projects installing ALSAN 601 PU.