Waterproofing Versatility: 5 alternative PMMA liquid waterproofing applications


Previously, we discussed the reasons that make ALSAN PMMA waterproofing ideal for refurbishing flat roofing. The system offers flame-free application, cost-efficiency and can be fast tracked to keep project schedules tight. It also offers an aesthetic finish, even on complex details and penetrations. ALSAN can be installed from primer to finish in just a few hours, which makes it perfect for far more than flat roofing refurbishment.

Whilst it’s perfect for flat roofing, there are other applications for ALSAN PMMA liquid you may not have considered…


Because it’s cold-applied, ALSAN PMMA liquid waterproofing is ideal for working on residential properties or occupied offices – where a balcony may need to be refurbished with occupants on site. The system is puncture resistant and is designed for use on trafficable surfaces, which is a necessity when a balcony is going to be functional and have furniture placed upon it.

The rapid-curing nature of ALSAN PMMA means you can often refurbish a balcony in a single day, providing minimal disruption to building occupants compared to other waterproofing or surfacing systems. The final benefit in relation to balcony applications is the aesthetic finish of ALSAN. The system provides a seamless, perfect finish with an almost unlimited range of RAL colour options and non-slip finishes.

Communal stairways

With ups, downs and lots of small surfaces, stairways can be a complex proposition for waterproofing installations. ALSAN offers a versatile solution that is far easier to apply on complicated surfaces such as stairways. Once applied, ALSAN is rapid curing which means it’s an essential choice for stairways located in occupied residential buildings. Keep downtime to a minimum so that residents remain satisfied, and create a waterproofing solution that withstands constant traffic from human footfall.

Car Parks

Like stairways, car parks can be a difficult surface to waterproof thanks to ramps and the potential for multiple levels. With heavy vehicle traffic, a waterproofing system must be incredibly durable. ALSAN’s puncture resistance and also its chemical resistance make it the perfect choice – resisting damage in the event of fuel spills. Our liquid waterproofing solution integrates a non-slip finish that is beneficial for vehicles and pedestrians in the car park.

Upstands & Details on Bituminous systems

Because ALSAN PMMA offers a completely seamless and highly aesthetic self-terminating finish, it can be a perfect way to waterproof upstands and details on a flat roof. All flat roofs must have weather-proof upstands to a minimum height of 150mm. Thanks to its ease of application; ALSAN PMMA makes weather proofing intrictae or complex details easy.

ALSAN is also ideal for creating a hybrid waterproofing system when combined with bituminous waterproofing. Liquid waterproofing can be specified to offer fast tracked waterproofing on multiple penetrations and details of a bituminous roof. A hybrid system can offer cost-savings and time-savings, and benefit from a single point of warranty.

Surface Protection

ALSAN is not just a roofing product. It can also be used as a surface protection solution on almost any trafficable surface. As with car parks and balconies, the system creates a puncture-resistant, chemical-resistant surface that is hard wearing yet can be installed very quickly. Our liquid solution is also UV and alkali resistant. Crucially, ALSAN also offers a range of ‘finish’ choices and can be offered with non-slip coating, making it ideal for any surface where pedestrians may tread.

Thanks to its fast installation time, durability and seamless finish, ALSAN PMMA is perfect for a wide range of applications. Our system carries BBA approval and an industry-leading warranty. If you think you’ve got a project ALSAN may be useful in, contact SOPREMA today to learn more.