What are the benefits of hybrid waterproofing systems for flat roofing applications?


What is a hybrid flat roof waterproofing system?

A hybrid waterproofing system is a roof waterproofing solution that is comprised of more than one waterproofing type, in order to specifically overcome challenges that are unique to the construction project. For example; PMMA liquid waterproofing resin may be specified to fast track the waterproofing of multiple penetrations and challenging details on a bituminous felt roof. Utilising the PMMA liquid for its ability to accommodate intricate detailing and guarantee water tightness together with the robustness of the bituminous roofing materials, provides an exceptionally strong, aesthetic, seamless and water tight flat roof finish.

What are the benefits for waterproof flat roofs?

Specifying a hybrid waterproofing system comprised of more than one type of flat roof material, can deliver distinct advantages in comparison to a singular flat roof system. A hybrid system can benefit the client in terms of existing roof repair, roof replacement , and new roof cost. In addition to financial benefits, the roofing contractor can provide the client with considerable time savings on site compared to a roofer installing traditional flat roof coverings, for fast track,  flat roof completion.

Specification & warranty

A bespoke project specification from the waterproofing manufacturer is normally required for hybrid waterproofing systems, this ensures that the project is receiving the best solution that is intended to achieve design objectives and guarantee product suitability and  compatibility. Additionally, some manufacturers offer a single-point, insurance-backed flat roof warranty, to guarantee all roofing materials supplied with the same level of cover from one source.

SOPREMA manufacture the four main flat roof waterproofing systems: ALSAN PMMA liquid resin, SOPREMA SBS modified bitumen, FLAG single-ply synthetic membranes and DUOFLEX hot melt waterproofing.  Hybrid waterproofing systems are available to accommodate challenging designs and details. All SOPREMA products are covered by a single-point, insurance-backed warranty of up to 40 years dependant on the system selected.

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