Why Specifiers Should Choose FM Approved Roofing Systems


Roofing systems are often the first line of defence when a building is exposed to natural hazards such as rain, hail, snow, wind, and even fire. Failure of the roofing system under these hazards can have an overwhelming impact on a business, potentially leaving the building’s contents exposed to flooding and contamination, amongst other losses. Most losses involving the roofing system can be prevented. FM Approvals assist property owners in avoiding losses by continuously improving roofing system standards and making it easier for designers, contractors and specifiers to specify and install FM approved systems.


To be given FM approval, complete roof assemblies are tested to meet stringent criteria. They are tested to meet:

• Interior fire performance. This is a pass/fail rating that awards a rating of Class 1 if the system passes.

• Exterior fire performance. This uses ASTM E 108 testing to grant an A, B or C rating.

• Wind performance to ANSI/FM 4474 to award ratings from 60 psf up to 990 psf.

• Hail, corrosion and accelerated weathering performance. Ratings are for moderate hail (MH) and severe hail (SH).

All of these tests are carried out to specific FM approval criteria that ensure the roofing system is fire-safe, wind-resistant and carries integrity for many years.

Why choose FM approved roofing?

An FM approved roofing system has gone through a system of performance-based testing to ensure your product delivers real-world performance. A roofing system is exposed to a multitude of hazards, giving specifiers the advantage of being able to select a system that offers longevity and prevents losses.

FM approval allows you to explicitly select certain fire and hazard ratings. For example, a roof system may be rated 1-180 A SH. This breaks down as a pass for interior fire performance (1), a quality exterior fire rating (A), a wind performance rating (180) and that the product is tested in severe hail.

By using these standards, a construction project benefits from assurance. One of the most important factors in your building, the roofing system, will not only ‘tick the box’ of code requirements – it will offer lasting performance where it counts.

Confidence in SOPREMA Roofing Systems

SOPREMA have an extensive range of FM approved Roofing System assemblies that have been rigorously tested for FM Approval, including interior fire performance, exterior fire performance, wind performance and accelerated weathering performance. Performance based testing ensures prevention of property loss when the roofing system is installed correctly. This process is an investment for SOPREMA, showcasing our commitment to providing industry-leading products for a roofing industry that prizes quality and durability over time.

Roofing systems must be able to protect a structure for years to come and FM Approved roofing systems demonstrate SOPREMA’s confidence in its products. The SOPREMA technical specifications team can assist you in identifying the most suitable roofing solution for your project and provide bespoke detailed specifications, design support and advice for your project.  Give us a call on 0330 058 0668 to discuss your requirements.