Why Use Flame Free Application for Flat Roofing Refurbishment


When it comes to building refurbishment, especially in sectors such as health and education, there are few considerations as important as health and safety. Any works carried out on a site are subject to intense scrutiny, often from both regulatory bodies and site owners – so systems or materials that carry any degree of additional risk not only slow a project down, but they also add to insurance cost, result in having to spend more on materials or halt a project entirely.

For a building undergoing refurbishment, there is sometimes a risk of igniting an existing material, which means contractors must employ safety measures  to ensure this does not happen. For that reason, it is important to consider flame-free waterproofing alternatives.

Flame-free flat roofing to reduce risk

Thanks to modern materials and techniques, the roofing industry now has access to a range of versatile roofing systems that avoid open-flame installation methods. Two SOPREMA systems offer an effective solution for flat roofing refurbishment.

ALSAN PMMA liquid waterproofing

Our liquid waterproofing system allows roofers to carry out works where weight restrictions apply and additional layers are not permissible, which makes it ideal for flat roofing and balcony refurbishment. The solution does not require an abundance of equipment to install, making it perfect when space on site is limited. In areas where open flame is prohibited, Alsan PMMA is a cold applied way to refurbish a roof with a durable membrane guaranteed for 20 years. The rapid curing system is also BBA approved and guarantees a watertight solution.

Self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing

The durability benefits of traditional bitumen roofing membranes are well known, hence its usage as the primary material in many roofs. Our SBS modified bitumen systems are available as self-adhesive membranes, which eliminate the need for open-flame installation directly to the substrate. When the physical characteristics of bitumen are required but a project cannot accommodate torch-applied methods, self-adhesive bitumen is ideal. Our bitumen membranes are BBA approved for additional peace of mind.

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