XPS and DUOFLEX: a perfect match for inverted roofs, plaza’s and podiums

inverterd roof plaza


The range of waterproofing and insulation solutions offered by SOPREMA is exceptionally wide. We not only cater to the entire building envelope, with systems for basements, walls and all types of roofs; we also develop products that are perfectly compatible to take buildings to the next level in terms of acoustics, thermal performance and waterproofing. Take the combination of XPS insulation and DUOFLEX, for instance, which helps building owners make the most of their rooftops.


DUOFLEX structural waterproofing

DUOFLEX is a formulation of rubberised bitumen, modified with SBS, that comes in solid blocks ready for on-site melting. The system offers superior mechanical properties, is durable, self-healing, 100% bonded to the structure, easy to install and designed to last the lifetime of the structure to which it is applied, ensuring low life cycle costs. The system can be installed at temperatures as low as -15°C and requires no on-site mixing.


SOPRACOVER single point of warranty

The DUOFLEX blocks are melted and poured over the substrate on site, after which a high-performance reinforcement fleece is incorporated into the system, followed by another layer of DUOFLEX. In contrast to ready-made rolls, the resulting waterproofing system is completely seamless


This not only makes for a robust waterproofing system, but also for an extremely durable end result. So much so that the DUOFLEX system, coupled with the A+ rated EFYOS XPS insulation, comes with a 40-year waterproofing warranty and the SOPRACOVER single point of warranty. The latter covers all components – from the primer to the paving support pads – and there are no minimum surface area or project value requirements to qualify for it.


DUOFLEX and XPS on inverted roofs

DUOFLEX and XPS are often used together, and with good reason – as our SOPRACOVER warranty already suggests. They are, for instance, a perfect match for inverted roofs, where the XPS insulation is laid on top of the DUOFLEX membrane and weighted down with either paving slabs or ballast. This means the insulation serves as an extra protection layer for the membrane, shielding it from the weather as well as from foot traffic and from plant and mechanical (equipment) damage.


Green roofs and other applications

In addition to inverted flat roof applications, the DUOFLEX structural waterproofing system is frequently used under green roofs and for plaza and podium deck applications. Curious to see what XPS and DUOFLEX can do for you? For more information or for assistance with any project – from design to implementation – please get in touch with our technical service team via 0330 058 0668 or mailto:info@soprema.co.uk.