XPS insulation: benefit from SOPREMA’s systems approach


Our systems approach and industrial excellence are two important reasons we can call ourselves one of the UK’s leaders in insulation solutions today. In this article, we explain what that means for XPS, the insulation type that is best suited for inverted roofs but has plenty of other applications as well.

XPS: resistance, reliability and durability

SOPREMA settles for nothing less than industrial excellence. Our XPS range is a prime example, as it is not only easy to install but also provides exceptional compressive strength. For instance, XPS 500 and XPS 700 offer impressive load-bearing capabilities, making them particularly suitable for insulating roof top car parks, parking garages and other structures that need high compressive performance.

XPS differs from EPS in that it has a closed cell structure. This characteristic results in very low lambda values and prevents moisture-absorption. XPS is, in other words, the perfect choice for inverted roofs as well as applications below-ground, where it keeps out mould and retains its ability to restrict heat transfer. However, basement waterproofing is not your only option with Extruded Polystyrene. Other applications for XPS insulation include green roofs. The product benefits from BREEAM rating, comes with certifications and is approved by the Green Guide to Specification.

Climate-friendly production + recyclability

At SOPREMA, we take great care to optimise performance while reducing environmental impact. We manufacture our XPS range using climate-friendly CO2 technology. Our XPS insulation is the result of an extrusion process in which a blowing agent is added to the polystyrene particles and remains trapped in the closed cells, making the boards retain their thermal properties. To reduce our environmental impact to a minimum, we use CO2 as a blowing agent instead of HFC or other alternatives. Thus, we not only steer clear of harmful chemicals (CO2 being a far more ecological choice); we also actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

In addition, XPS is 100% recyclable. It is therefore perfectly suited for circular construction projects and even serves as a raw material in our very own production process. The little waste that ends up on our factory floor after the XPS boards have been cut goes straight back into the production cycle.

SOPREMA: your one-stop-shop

SOPREMA not only provides original, high-performing and high-tech solutions; we also act as a single point of supply and advice for the entire building envelope. When it comes to XPS (or any of our other products, for that matter), we engage with the design teams at an early stage to make sure they get the best solution to their problem. We provide a full design and specification service. Our technical services department is always at hand to work out rainwater and U-value calculations and to provide bespoke details to ensure a robust solution is designed and offered with a class leading warranty. This ensures any client that engages with SOPREMA has complete peace of mind.

Because we manufacture all system components, SOPREMA ensures the product compatibility of, for instance, XPS with basement waterproofing or structural waterproofing systems. Evidently, an additional advantage of partnering with a single manufacturer for both insulation and waterproofing is having a single point of warranty and contact.