COLPHENE® BSW H is a high-performance flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane with a non-woven polyester reinforcement. The topside is covered with fine sand and the underside is covered by a thermofusible plastic film. Used for horizontal application.


COLPHENE® BSW H is installed loose laid on the concrete slab or compacted soil. To prevent overly thick membranes, stagger the end laps by a minimum of 300 mm. Side lap joints must be a minimum of 100 mm and end lap joints must be a minimum of 150 mm. Membrane overlaps are torched-on. All angles changes (inside and outside corners) and others details must be reinforced by heat-welding on additional 300 mm piece of COLPHENE® BSW H centered on the angle. It is recommended to install COLPHENE® BSW PROTECT'R, as a protection layer, over the COLPHENE BSW H prior to placement of the reinforcement steel bars and pouring of the concrete slab. DUO SELVEDGE: Over the entire width of DUO SELVEDGE, 50% of the surface is covered with exposed sticky bitumen. The remaining surface of the selvedge (50%) is covered by a thermofusible plastic film to seal overlap by torch-on techniques.

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