Woodfibre Insulation Board for Combinations

Long description, Frame of uses, Advantages

PAVATHERM-COMBI is an insulating board for wall and roof with multifunctional application options and profiled edge design. It can be used on both sides and can be laid directly on the rafter. Protect against weather exposure. Over-rafter insulation systems: PAVATHERM-COMBI can be combined with ISOLAIR to make efficient insulation systems. Install PAVATHERM-COMBI as the first layer and cover with sarking boards. This protects them against weather exposure. As an alternative, PAVATHERM-COMBI can also be covered with PAVATEX ADB sarking lining. Insulation systems for rear-ventilated facades: PAVATHERM-COMBI can be used as insulation for rear-ventilated facades, and may be freely exposed to the elements for 60 days at the most. For open facade cladding, PAVATEX FBA gives the construction longterm protection from the weather. Under-rafter insulation systems: Install PAVATHERM-COMBI under-rafter insulation boards with offset joints, and fix them to the rafters with insulation nails. Fasten the battens to the supporting rafters through the insulation boards. As a variant suitable for rendering: Attach a substructure 40/60 mm (axis spacing a = 34.5 cm) at a rightangle to the rafter axis. Fit PAVATHERM-COMBI over the full surface parallel to the rafter axis. Always consult the local regulations and installation guidelines of the manufacturer. - Multifunctional board for roof and wall installations - Economical additional insulation, can be combined with Pavatex insulation systems - Direct laying on the rafters or as under-rafter insulation

Unit of packaging, dimensions, volume, weight

Thickness 40mm* - Boards/Pallet - 56, Dimensions - 1800 x 580mm, M2/Pallet - 58.46, Dimensions (Net) 1780 x 560mm
Thickness 60mm - Boards/Pallet - 36, Dimensions - 1800 x 580mm, M2/Pallet - 37.60, Dimensions (Net) 1780 x 560mm
Thickness 80mm - Boards/Pallet - 28, Dimensions - 1800 x 580mm, M2/Pallet - 29.20, Dimensions (Net) 1780 x 560mm

* 40mm on demand, not approved for roofs



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