ALSAN 178 is a white pigmented, fast‐curing primer, used in combination with ALSAN 973 F, to increase
the reflectivity of bitumen and asphalt substrates.

Product Application

2-component, white pigmented, fast‐curing and flexible PMMA based (polymethyl methacrylate) primer.
-excellent adhesion to asphalt and bitumen substrates
- easy to apply
- fast-curing
- solvent-free
- white pigmented
- high reflection of solar radiation


- Color: ALSAN 178 is white pigmented.

- Consumption: Depending on the porosity and the surface roughness of the substrate the consumption is between 0,40
and 0,60 kg/m2.
For very rough surfaces, the consumption may be higher.


Application equipment / tools
Mixing of the product:
- Suitable mixer (ex. paint mixer)

Applying of the product:
- Sheepskin roller
- Brush (only for areas not accessible with the roller)

Substrate preparation
ALSAN 178 must only be applied to a prepared substrate.
Please refer to the appropriate application guide for information about correct surface preparation.

First stir the tub contents thoroughly. Then add the catalyst whilst stirring at a low speed for 2 minutes.
Make sure that all material on the side and base of the pot is mixed in. At temperatures below 10 °C the
product should be stirred for 4 minutes as the catalyst will take longer to dissolve.

Use the sheepskin roller to apply an even film‐forming coat of primer.
Avoid creating puddles of primer.

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